Welcome to Wynberg Improvement District

The Wynberg Improvement District (WID) is a business improvement district that manages the growing industrial area of Wynberg.

Location and access are two of the main advantages of Wynberg in that it is positioned just off the Grayston Drive off-ramp of the M1 highway, has convenient access to the N3 highway and Pretoria Main Rd, and is strategically situated between the vibrant Alexandra Township and Sandton Central, the commercial heart of Johannesburg.

This coupled with the competitive rentals and now the formation of the business improvement district makes the Wynberg Improvement District a highly competitive light industrial node.

Funded by the commercial property owners in the area the Wynberg Improvement District was legislated by Council in July 2004 with the mandate to manage the public space within the boundaries as indicated on the map.

Through the formation of the Wynberg Improvement District, a dedicated team is responsible for:

Safety and cleaning;
  • Linkages with the City and its’ agencies and utilities;
  • Communicating with the area’s stakeholders;
  • Collecting the WID levies;
  • Underpinning the area’s asset base through the services provided to the WID;
  • Branding and demarcating the area in which the WID operates

Latest News



Wynberg has gone through some development and upgrades over the last couple of months.



These are poorly maintained properties which are slummed, abandoned, overcrowded, vacant and generally not complying with the City of Johannesburg's By-Laws and other relevant legislation.