About WID

The services offered by the Wynberg Improvement District focus on crime and grime and the creation of a clean and safe environment for all stakeholders.

The services employed to ensure the safety of the area and keep it free of litter and grime, began on 1st September 2006 and include:

Crime Prevention

The Wynberg Improvement District Crime Prevention team has a day and night shift. The day shift (06:00 - 18:00) includes 6 armed reaction officers making use of three branded motor vehicles, 4 officers on bicycles and 2 officers on foot who are also public safety ambassadors. The night shift includes 4 officers using two motor vehicles.

The roles and responsibilities of the Public Safety Ambassadors and Supervisor include:
  • Pro-Active crime prevention patrols throughout the WID area;
  • Re-active responses to incidents of crime being perpetrated;
  • Arrest of perpetrators of crime as per the criminal procedure act;
  • Acting as Ambassadors for the area in assisting users of the area with directions; vehicle accidents; broken down vehicles and other related matters;
  • Attending to and reporting of Council Utility related problems to the relevant utility and following up of matter until resolution thereof.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The Wynberg Improvement District cleaning and maintenance team consists of 12 cleaners and a site supervisor making use of a motor vehicle and 4 maintanance team guys. They operate from 07:00 to 16:00 mon - Friday and 07:00 to 13:00 on saturdays.

The roles and responsibilities of the cleaners are:

Daily pick up of litter - both from pavements and gutters;
  • Pressure wash pavements (where applicable);
  • Ad hoc removal of Illegal posters and Illegal stickers;
  • Seasonal / weekly assistance to council utilities in terms of cutting of grass verges;
  • Refuse removal from area (where applicable)
  • Ad hoc removal of trash / debris / dumped litter from the area.

Reporting daily on all issues relating to public space to the Operations Manager such as:
  • missing drain lids;
  • water leaks;
  • damaged street signs;
  • damaged paving;
  • street repairs that are required;
  • blocked drains’
  • damage to property etc.