Pedestrian and cycling bridge at the M1 Grayston Off-ramp

Partnership between:

This project is a combined effort between various council entities.

The initial purpose of this bridge would be for pedestrians and cyclers, the first phase (stretch) of the bridge is from Alexandra to Sandton (M1 East to West). Every day 10 000 people walk from Sandton to Alexandra and back. The style of the bridge would be on the same principle as the Mandela Bridge. All the walkways will be no smaller than 3 meters.

This will be one of the Cornerstones of the corridors of freedom and will contribute to a mixed used development for the Rea Vaya up and coming routes.

It will also promote a liveable and competitive site.

The following will be new turned into Rea Via bus routes.
  • Alex to Sandton
  • Alex to the West
  • C53 Westgate to Sunninghill
  • Ivory Park to Westgate
  • Alex to Rosebank
  • Alex to Greenstone
This will all be a mixed used development, with the bridge you would also be able to walk from Alex to Sandton. Louse Botha Sidewalk will be made bigger for pedestrians.

The purpose of this whole exercise is to promote sustainable infrastructure and improve traveling for thousands of people, taking into account the concept of going "green”

Attached please see presentation of the short and long term aspects of this initiative